FIXED: Hard Drive Doesn't Show Files Anymore...

I have a Hard Drive that was primary drive in a Windows Vista machine. This machine wasn't used much but I went in to recover some tax information for my April taxes and noticed some malware. It blocked internet, wouldn't allow me access to Windows Finder, etc. So I removed the hard drive and attached to my Win7 machine as a External Hard drive.

The Hard Drive comes right up and shows 32.9GB free of 139GB hard drive. When I double click on the drive it shows 1 file, BOOTSECT.BAK

I see no other files or folders. I've tried googling with no luck, any clue what I can do to see/retrieve my files again from this Hard Drive?
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  1. I don't even mind paying for some help if you can access my computer via Teamviewer (free program, and help me resolve. I can send you $10 via Paypal if you can help me access my file system again.

    I also have Skype where we can IM and get you started! Just let me know your user name and I will add you and get started!
  2. It's been fixed, seems the malware simple HIDDEN all the files.
  3. How did you fix it?? My computer is doing the same exact thing.
    arcarocket said:
    It's been fixed, seems the malware simple HIDDEN all the files.
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