Compatibility?: DP45SG iP45 Mobo with OCZ DDR3 PC8500 mem.

Hi Everyone,

I have a motherboard and a memory combo here that do not seem to work together.

The motherboard is: DP45SG iP45
English URL:
Dutch URL (Where I actually bought it):

The memory is: OCZ 2x1GB DDR3 PC8500 CL7.0 Gold
English URL:
Dutch URL (Where I actually bought it):

The error
After assembly during the install of the OS the computer gets a BSOD with the error “Memory managment”.

The motherboard is compatible with: PC3-6400, PC3-8500, PC3-10666 and DDR3 only.
The memory itself is PC8500 DDR3, so that shouldnt be a problem.

Attempted solutions:
I have tried installing win7 32bit and win7 64bit, both trough DVD's which have proven to work on other computers.
I have tried just using one memory module in each of the 4 sockets, I have also done this with the other module.
I have tried using both modules in the blue sockets, both in the black sockets, both in the blue0 and black0 sockets and both in the blue1 and black1 sockets
With all these configurations the computer jams up during installation of the OS.

Attempted test:
upon using memtest the computer just freezes halfway trough, not even a BSOD just a freeze after an entire night I decided it was enough of a wait to conclude it actually froze and wasnt just moving really really slowly.

Now my question: Is there a compatibility issue between these two components or could it be that one of the two is just broken (They are both brand new so I hope not)

Thanks in advance,
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  1. If your board has it, try changing the "memory mapping" setting (can be enabled or disabled). Also check the voltage requirements for your memory. You may be able to bump up the voltage by .1 volts in the bios.
  2. Hi Domo i have the same problem like you my pc freeze and make weird noise i think i fount what is wrong with the mother bourd just pup up processor V to 1.3v :bounce: and should no more freez i yesterday try this one i played crysis 2h with out a freez hope it helps

    With This Intel bourd is something wrong alot people have problems with this bourd yesterday i runned with 2GB ram. i will test with 4 GB ram today and see how gos all this staff

    sorry about my English :D

    best regard

  3. Hey Janis,

    Thanks for your reply, I am still having problems with my mobo+OCZ combo, I have tried two sticks of OCZ platinum and 2 sticks of OCZ gold and both run unstable.
    I have tried 2 sticks of Corsair and it worked like a charm.

    I'll try your trick but I cant understand how upping the CPU voltage would change the memory compatibility issue but it cant hurt to try, I got a good cooler :p

    Cheers Janis.
  4. Hi Damorian

    In The Bios Settings you can change CPU voltage Its seams the MB dont like manual settings and make to freez all the system

    i think in bios there was a processor performance and change to manual and change to 1.3 V and the it should work good if not The post what V the RAM have i had to change my corsair voltage from 1,5 in default to 1,65 to work with out free

    CPU 1,3 V
    RAM 1,65 V

    This setting make me not to freez
    Hope it helps

    Best Regard
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