Virtualization? Do I need it?

I'm running Win7Pro on:

phenom ii x3 720 be
crucial ddr3-pc3-1666 2-2gb

I don't plan on running multiple OS's and I DO plan to overclock.

also, should I enable CoolnQuiet and/or C1E support?
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  1. You don't need virtualization. And with overclocking, I wouldn't use cool and quiet, though some folks do. Don't know much about c1e support.
  2. From an MS' whitepaper:

    Virtualization, a new benefit of Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate, helps small businesses upgrade to Windows 7 by providing a Windows XP Mode environment capable of running many Windows XP-compatible business and productivity applications. Using Windows Virtual PC, a new feature in Windows 7, customers can run many older Windows XP business and productivity applications within Windows XP Mode and launch them from the Windows 7 desktop
    with just a single click.
    Therefore, Windows XP Mode for Windows 7 gives you the best of both worlds: the ability to enjoy the many benefits of Windows 7—such as increased security, productivity, and reliability— while still getting the most from your Windows XP applications.

    For Intels, disabling the 'green goodies' ("CPU Enhanced Halt (C1E)", "C2/C2E State Support", "C4/C4E State Support", "CPU EIST Function", and "C.I.A.2") is pretty much mandatory to OC - for AMDs, dunno that much...
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    Correct, as billbat noted C1E off, this is another power state function for some of the newest Amd chips-not for use with overclocking. Coolnquiet has always been a no-no for overclocking Amd chips, however some tests were run using the newest version of AMD overdrive software version 3.1 and that function was working. It is not very functional with a manual overclock though.
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