How to turn off StandBy Power?

Ok, so from what I understand and observe my mb (ga-ma785gmt-ud2h) has +5v on all the time even after the system is shut off. My keyboard is a PS2 and has a backlight for the keys that stays on - I don't want it to.

I've disabled everything in the Power Management section of the BIOS and can't find any other way to shut this power off, short of removing the pin from the ATX connector.

Any ideas?
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  1. See if it has a WOL option in the BIOS and turn that off, perhaps that'll help.
  2. i see no such option in my BIOS.
  3. hmm then I can think of only one option:

  4. that is.
  5. I believe this is more a function of the power supply than the MOBO; pretty much all modern power supplies leave an amp or so on the +5VDC, to support USD HID-compliant devices which should be able to 'wake' or turn on the system - rodents, keyboard, IR remotes, etc... Why, exactly, is this bothersome?
  6. so if the MOBO doesn't have an option to switch this off, then my only other option is to go with a USB keyboard since my USB mouse is OFF when the system is OFF.

    well, if that is the case, my eluminix keyboard is rather old (5+ years)... =\
  7. Borrow a usb keyboard of a friend to try it out first, it could very well be that the usb-mouse turns off on mere coincidence.
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    The standby power also runs the circuitry that monitors the green power up wire in PSU. If the standby power supply fails, you cannot turn on the main part of the PSU.
  9. Gigabyte tech confirmed that the standby power stays on all of the time to allow turn-on by keyboard or mouse.

    So, basically, unless I get under my desk and switch off the PSU's main switch, or unplug stuff I'm screwed having half my living room lit up at night by my eluminix backlit keyboard and Razer Deathadder mouse - lovely feature!

    Anyway, I thought about the problem and since I have a bent for the DIY side of things, pondered about installing a on/off switch between the MOBO's USB/PS2 ports and my keyboard/mouse so I could flip a switch and kill the lights.

    Fortunately there are a few pre-made products that incorporate this feature. I may just have to get a PS2-to-USB adapter, but otherwise, I think these items will work well without me having to change MOBO, PSU, Keyboard, mouse etc...
  10. I've got a Gigabyte 790FXTA-UD5 motherboard with a PS2 keyboard. I've noticed that if I hit the power button to turn the PC off before my OS has loaded then all the lights on my keyboard also turn off. For example if I turn my PC off from the BIOS screen or GRUB boot menu. However, if I shut my PC down from within Vista my keyboard numlock light stays on. Yes, I'm truly shutting my PC down, not standby or sleep.

    So there's something different about the pre-OS shutdown and my Vista shutdown. Has anyone else seen these symptoms? I'd like my keyboard numlock light to be off when my PC is off.
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