The best choice of RAM for GA-790FXTA-UD5 motherboard

Hello everyone, sorry for my poor english.

I got lost a little bit by deciding which RAM should I buy.

I'm planing to get GA-790FXTA-UD5 motherboard

And of course the Phenom II 965 BE

Also I would like to use 4 x 2GB of DDR3 RAM

And as far as I know (please correct me if I'm wrong) If I would use only 2 x 2GB in dual mode - I could get 1333mhz speed (stock). But if I will use all four slots the RAM speed will automatically decreases to 1066mhz. Right?

So one of my questions is - If I had a choice to make between 4 x 2GB 1333mhz CL9 1.5v and 4 x 2GB 1066Mhz CL7 1.5v. Should I choose the slower one but with better timings? I know this sounds kinda stupid, but I'm not really sure how does this speed decrease works.

And the motherboard manual claims that it supports 4 x 1.5V DDR3 DIMM sockets. What happens if I use 4 x 1.65v DDR3 memory? Will it work?
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  1. You are probably correct about the 1066 default speed with all 4 slots filled. Be sure to check to have "memory mapping" enabled for 4 slots. If you bump up the voltage, don't go over 1.65 volts. You can try to manually adjust the memory speed to 1333 or 1600, but I wouldn't change the timings.
  2. So, wich ram have you chosen?

    I am in the same situation :)
  3. Hi,

    I got a bit short on money :) so I bought 2 x 2BG 1333Mhz 1.5v memory with lower timings.. At first I thought it won't be enough, because I'm using Windows 7 (64 bit) OS, but actually, it runs great ;) I will buy another (same) kit of Ram sometime later.. I'm planning to overclock my PC when it will start to Fail on games (I hope it ain't gonna happen soon) :D So.., I assume that higher Ram speed might come in handy when it comes to overclocking.. But maybe I'm completely wrong :D (It's my first high-end pc) :)

    Good luck,

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