MOBO and new Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro Dual Fan CPU Cooler

Hi everyone,

This is my first of many posts on this great website which I have always gained so much advice from.

I recently (yesterday) built a gaming rig from scratch and I have never done it before so it was quite an achievement for me! The specs are:

3GB GPU RAM (2 x 1.5GB EVGA nVidia GTX 580s)
Intel Core i7-2600K 3.40GHz (Sandybridge) Socket LGA1155 Processor
Coolermaster HAF Case Tower
Stock Intel fan on CPU
Windows 7 Professional (x64)

I also bought at the time a Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro Dual Fan CPU Cooler, which I was taken back by how absolutely MASSIVE it was! I decided not to install it in the end as I have fears that because of the size of it, it may snap or damage the motherboard.

Is this a silly thought? How much of a reduction in temperature will I get from the CPU if I install this? Would this setup also help reduce further heat generated from the GPUs?

Many thanks! :)
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  1. Ha ha a monster cooler with weight 1,179kg. It's very weight and big. Just securely if install it and this review :
  2. If you install the cooler according to the manual/instructions and some youtube videos, then you're fine to begin with. If it were to snap or damage the board, teh warranty policy claims that the company will replace all the components damaged by their product. So if it were to happen to you, say hello t a new mobo :D

    If it were a total fail, then the cooelr would've been pulled off shelves and the least see horrible reviews and rotten eggs :)

    my 2 cents.

    you could read this as well.
  3. Thanks for that!

    I have one more query about the installation though. I have an ASUS Maximus IV and a Coolermaster HAF X Case. I can see at the back that there is a hole for the processor to be displayed so I can attach the bracket at the back, but it doesn't seem fully exposed so I would need to take the whole MOBO out to install it.

    Will this CPU fan still fit on the motherboard? Does anyone have any good advice or an installation youtube video at all?

  4. Thanks Lutfij!
  5. ^ please remember to never double post unless its absolutely urgent, but you could PM the people who are answering your thread.

    Edit your posts if you want to include anything new and then PM us. *For future reference*

    do google search's they are the first friends you make before joining a at Tom's these questions, they are a "lil" simple to answer thas why most forum members stay away from them.

    My first suggestion, go to the coolers parent site and check out if it is compatible with your mobo.

    FYI google search; Maximus IV+Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro and see what comes up - this is the best schooling i can give you.
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