No master volume mute windows xp

When I open the volume control I only see three volume sliders, Wave,
SW Synth, and CD Player. When I check in properties those are the only
volume controls available to me, there are no options unchecked.

If I open my sound and audio devices properties it lists Realtek AC97
Audio as my device, but the device volume, mute, advanced button and
speaker settings are all greyed out. Under the audio tab my sound
playback is set to stereo headphones. Under the hardware tab the
realtek ac'97 audio for VIA audio codec is listed as 'working
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  1. when did this start? after installing software or hardware? Is this onboard audio or a pci card? I can only suggest trying removing and reinstalling the audio drivers. If a soud card is used then remove the software and reinstall the drivers for the card.
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