3D Mark 05-P4

I finished my other build Skullrail with over 20K results, so I tested my other computers for heck of it. All good but one, my Daughter P4 with FX5600 256mb card..327..... :o
XP-Home edition
Nvidia drivers off site-latest
2mb memory
P4 HT 3Ghz-3.06Ghz
Intel 865GLC mobo
Setting AGP in bios to 128 from default of 64mb..scanning for bugs. No wonder she said my games not running right..

Any ideas-hand me down from wife to her
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  1. No wonder everyone had issues with the older FX5600 256, geniues at Nvidia the latest driver was awful. I D/L beta driver-installed Sandra and did some checking. Performance hits ultra low. Re-ran test using D3drightmark severly low 395 after AGP change-ram timing.

    Then went to an older beta driver that I read on review of the card with very good results. 3397 overclocked VC slightly-low compared to todays standard.
    All fixed now she's a happy camper.

    Do not download the driver listed for this processor
    Use the 175.16 Huge difference
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