Nvidia 280GTX not registering.

Alright, I opted for the single 280 over 2 260s in SLI. Got my adapters in, blah blah, green light shows, but heres the thing, even with my Mobo video disabled, only the mobo will display, because it wont even recognize that the 280 is even inserted into my computer. Green indicator light is on, fan runs nice and quick, 6 and 8 pin are plugged in, but no cigar. I have a 600W Cooler Master PSU which I know is kind of just cutting it, but none the less. I called BFG and they said that maybe its just not enough power though even on their records a 600W suffices. I am REALLY not wanting to go and purchase a new PSU *AKA I'm pretty broke :( * but I was wondering if anyone has had an issue with it recognizing a 280 on an Asus M3N-HT Deluxe MOBO. If not... Anyone want a 600W PSU and an Nvidia 9500GT in swap for a 800W+ PSU :)
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  1. 600W is fine for a single GTX 280. Heck, you can SLI 2 GTX 260s on a 750W PSU which draw a considerable more amount of power than a single GTX 280. The GTX 280 is inserted into the PCI-E slot, all power connectors plugged in and the PC is turned on and still nothing? Does your old GPU work when you put that in? Did you also uninstall the drivers for the old video card before putting the new video card in?
  2. Oh yeah, I uninstalled the drivers, all things Nvidia, even sm bus drivers and whatnot, everything just to be sure, even tho it turns out the drivers are the same as the 9500GT *190.38*. My old GPU worked fine, it didn't require any accessory power like a 6 pin or anything, but it would register right away and vista would auto install drivers *that I updated later*, in any of the 3 PCI-Es in fact, and the 280 will not show up in any of the 3. I borrowed a friends 900 something Watt PSU and it still won't show up, the computer boots fine, just no recognition of the card or video output. I'm going to the store and gunna try and get this worked out. Ty much one-shot.
  3. Alright, I went and got another 280, but it still is not recognized :( I really don't understand, some people are able to run this thing with a 550W PSU, even if it is stressing it. I have 2 12V rails, each has a 18A rating, together totaling 432W, and this card at idle is around 150-190W from what I can find on the net, at 100% it goes up to 300W, but having 2 sticks of ram, 1 HDD, 1 disc drive now that i've unplugged 2, and 1 fan, it should have no issue. Sigh.

    Edit: I also wanted to add that my 12V is showing +11.97V via speedfan, so I am sure the PSU isn't damaged, aside from the fact I use it everyday.
  4. I don't think this is a PSU issue.

    Ensure the onboard video is disabled in the bios. Try clearing CMOS and trying again as well.

    You might want to update the bios on the MB as well.
  5. The Mobo is up to date and the onboard is disabled via control panel *bios is auto or always on, so that doesnt help* and when booted it reverts to onboard automatically.
  6. does the video card's fan start spinning immediately after u torn the computer? or does it take about five seconds or more?
  7. It takes a few seconds, after the USBs register really quick before bios image boots, it does take a moment or two tho, its the last fan to start.
  8. You tried it different slots?
  9. it can't be a psu issue bro im running 2x gtx 280 sli and core i7 @ 3.5GHZ on a 650W corsair granted it is a better brand it is only 1 card versus my 2.

    Its probably an iD 10 T error.
  10. Ive tried it in all 3 PCI-Es that I have, none will boot. Also, I know quite a bit about computers, but by no means a master, and no, its not an idiot, i mean, iD 10 T error, sorry, Ive built a few computers, and every one has had a video card in it. Although I found out there was a break in one of the 6 pin connectors, and went and bought a new Antec 1000W quattro 4 12v rail PSU. Its good :) and you are pretty lucky to be able to run 2 300W @ 100% load video cards on a i7 system. A computer god or a really bad liar, either or <3
    Thanks all, Jorgey
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