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I have an i7 920, intel dx58so, 3 gb 1333hz kingston ram, 320 gb seagate hdd, lg dvd-writer, xfx 9800gtx+ video card, zebronics realwatts 600 pro psu.

My problem is i have been running this system flawlessly for about 7 months now but recently my system hung up by a vigorous slap to the keyboard by my toddler and since then i am often getting this 3 beeps boot up problem. My system would beep 3 times, auto restart again to beep 3 times and then shut off. If i keep the system completely unplugged for a few hours, the problem would go away. But it reoccurs in a few days again.

Is it a problem with underpower psu ? If then, why would it kick off and run every thing again after lots or retrys ? I have memtested the 3 memory sticks and found no error. I have never updated my bios or removed anything from my system ever. Please help !!
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  1. Ok so this is what i want ot you do, open up your PC, and obv without the power on. Look around the motherboard until you find a battery. Looks like a watch battery, i want you to take that out wait 10-15secs, then put it back in the right way. That usually does that trick. All it does is reset the bios. Hope i helped.
  2. Thanks shadowmilo for the response ..

    Also do tell me, by resetting the bios, will it get back to the default configuration settings when i bought the system ? I mean i won't have to input manually any settings in the bios (as i do not know much about these). ? Also what about the config jumper that the manual says ? Will i have to take that off too ?

    By the way, i have never overclocked anything (other than the default turbo mode of the i7 was set to on) and have never updated my bios either. My bios is of oct. 2008 i guess something like 2198.
  3. resetting your bios only will restore to factory default settings, if you havent changed anythign in there. then your good. go ahead n rip that battery out lol, be careful when doing it ok, you dont wanna hair line crack your mobo or anyhting.

    wow typos, sorry im lazy :P
  4. Just yesterday, i was going to take the battery off, but i decided to check one last time to start the pc and walla ! it got past the bios ok. Now i have a dual boot system of xp sp3 and vista sp2 32 bit. I mostly use xp but i thought to start up vista and i got into vista ok. Now one thing suddenly clicked in my mind that whenever i used vista, i did not have any problems the next time i started my pc. Could it be that xp is creating the problem of this 3 beeps ? I have since not booted into xp and not having any problems running my pc in vista yet. I will update if things change.
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