Asus p8p67 freeze, can't solve the issue.

Hello, im posting this in the overclocking category even if it's not really about overclocking, I think you guys are the most able to help me.

So i've build a new computer with :
- I5-2500k
- ATI 6950 2gb
- Kingston hyperX 8gb KHX1600C9D3T1K2 (i'm posting this number because i think the ram may be the problem)
- Asus P8p67 DELUXE
- OCZ vertex 3 120go + 2 HDD caviar black 1To

So windows is on the vertex 3, who's got like 70go free space.

The problem is, I randomly have freeze, like every 1-2-3 hours, only my mouse sometime can move, but nothing work so i have to shutdown the computer using the power button, and sometimes when i reboot the computer doesnt find the SSD or i have to chose to boot from it/reboot again to let him recognize the SSD.

But I think the problem is probably between the ram and the mobo, in the BIOS i dont have the X.M.P available, which was what solves some people's freezing issue, and my ram voltage on auto is set to 1.650 instead of 1.5, but even when changing the voltage manually to 1.5V it's still freeze.

Overall it's really annoying, so if you have an idea please help me :)
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  1. I have heard of OCZ SSDs causing freezes. A firmware update is available that supposedly fixes the issue. You should look into that.

    OCZ was even nice enough to post step by step instructions here.
  2. I had a similar problem with OCZ Solid 3 running initially on an ASUS AM3 motherboard(don't remember the name) that I eventually replaced with an ASUS P8P67-M PRO board hoping that this will fix my problems(as it had sata 6gbs support) but the problems got worse, computer freezes, unable to boot sometimes, bios most of the time forgetting it has an SSD and I had to manually add it again in the boot loader and eventually 4-5 days ago the SSD died completely(BIOS can't see him) and I've returned it back to the shop(after around 3-4 months of usage).

    Now my system is very stable(running on an old samsung regular HDD) and I'm looking to buy another SSD(as OCZ Solid 3 are no longer made?(why? I bought it couple of months ago when it was just released - or at least that I thought)

    My advice is to try to return it and get a diff one(but the problem is all are based on sand force controller)
  3. Have a look at this other thread on tom's hardware as it may explain what could be happening.
  4. Do you have AHCI enabled in bios?
    If not your ssd will not perform properly.
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