Ga-p35-dq6 Rev 1.0

Okay I have been doing quite a bit more troubleshooting on my system recently.

I took the motherboard out of the tower and I do not think it is a memory issue at all.
This is what I replied to a technical enquiry which I opened with Gigabyte.
I was just wanting to know if anyone else has any reasons as to why my computer will not start.
FYI: PSU is a Tagen480W (which I believe is too low already for my system):
e6750, 880gts, 2*36Gb RaptorWD, 1*DVDRW

The only way I have been able to keep my computer on is by never "shutting down" it. If I shut it down it will not start up again - I can restart it and it will restart fine but if shut down: when trying to push the power button it will start up and then 5 seconds in it turns off and starts up again repeating this; never starting.

Unfortunately I accidentally turned the computer off and since I have not been able to start it. It would start on the 4/5th time but this time it has totally given up: nothing.

I have took out the pci-e devices, my sound card, gfx card - even the hdd/optical drives. The PSU has then just been connected minimally to the mainboard with just a memory module and the cpu attached - it will just not start anymore at all. 5 seconds in it will turn off and start up again - repeatedly.

It cannot even be the powerswitch shorting or anything because I took all switches off of the mainboard and just shorted the switch using a copper coin.

Whether the CMOS battery is in the mainboard or not does not make a difference (I did clear the CMOS battery too and still this did not work). With it in or out it will not start. I am really unsure to what the problem is I have a feeling it is a motherboard issue or a PSU issue - I have ordered a new PSU and two new modules of memory which will be arriving in the next few days but I get the feeling that it is going to be a motherboard issue.

--I am just curious as to what the problem could be after all of this testing which has ruled out a few things. Surely other people have had this problem?

--I am also curious as to if my mainboard is in warranty; could I send it off and get it tested if the new PSU and memory still does not rectify the situation?

ga-p35-dq6 Rev 1.0

I bought it from
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  1. I would request an rma from gigabyte. They may require a copy of the sales receipt, but some manufacturer's don't. They go by the board serial number. The worst they could do is turn you down. Give them 24 hours to process before calling, etc. Expect it to take them 2-3 weeks to get you a tested replacement board; it probably won't be new. For reason, tell them it won't post. Don't go into details about what you've done so far. It's their problem.
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