Pc lagging while gaming .

Hello guys,
Ok so i'm using a amd phenom x4 9950 quad core processor , with 2gb ram , nvidia 9500gt gfx , and a asus M2A-VM motherboad...

the pc is 2 years old and recently i've been having these issues , whenever i play a game after sometime it hangs ..

Like i usually play dota (warcraft 3) , and after 20-30 mins , it hangs for about 1 min , and i usually lagg out( if i don't , it again laggs after 10-15 mins..) .. one thing i noticed is that my gfx card gets too hot , and even the n/b bridge , i can't touch it for more than 5 secs,

All my fans are working properly , here's what i got in bios
Vcore -1.31v
Cpu temp - 59*c
mb temp - 40*c
fan = 4066 rpm ..

I've also tried replacing the ram , but it works fine for a day , and then goes back to its normal state ..

Any help would be appreciated thanks.
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  1. Where do you have the computer sitting? Have you cleaned out the inside of your case? How good is your wire management? Are you OCing? If so, how much of an OC? Sounds like either the case needs some cleaning or your GPU needs to be cleaned out get all that gunk off of the heatsink. My 4870 used to do the same thing due to overheating and all it was is that it was stopped up with dust. The 4870 ran a full 15c cooler after the cleaning. I clean my entire system every 3 months...I clean my radiator off every week...It gets dusty quick plus I am OCD..lol...BTW...make sure to clean all of the fans off throughly and get them wires out of the way it sounds like your NB isn't getting any airflow . You might also want to look into get one of those chipset HSF for the NB if you plan on keeping this system for a while longer
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