HD4870 a viable upgrade from 8800GTS?

Hi folks,

I was wondering if anyone could have a look and advise me what my next step should be in my upgrade process..

Currently I have a XFX GeForce 8800 GTS card looking to upgrade to a XFX HD 4870 775M 1GB DDR5 DUAL DVI TV PCI-E XXX.

Details of my current card are as follows:

Dual Link DVI - Supporting digital output up to 2560x1600
DUAL Memory Clock: 1.6 GHz
Clock rate: 500 MHz
Chipset: GeForce 8800 GTS
Memory: 640 MB
Bus Type: PCI-E
Memory Type: DDR3
Memory Bus: 320 bit
Highlighted Features: RoHS , Dual DVI Out , TV Out , HDTV ready , HDCP Ready , SLI ready

The new cards details as follows:


My current mobo is a ASUS M2Ne-SLi one with 4gb Corsair DDR2 800mhz memory installed. Running Windows 7 64bit at the mo with a AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6400+

My question is this... is it worth my while upgrading the GFX card or should i be upgrading something else first?

Thanks for reading and taking your time to offer me some constructive comments/advice :)
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  1. If I remember right the 640MB GTS is near/par the power of a 9600GT. 4870 performs near 2x 9600GTs in SLI, depending on the game. I'd probably call it a 40%+ increase. Very well worth it if you ask me.

    The rest of your computer looks fine, your CPU shouldn't be holding you back by much.

    Look up some reviews/benchmarks on newer CPUs for AMD compared to yours but I think AM2+ isn't on the Asus support list for the M2N-E SLI. =/ Not sure if a whole mobo/cpu upgrade is worth it quite yet, IMO. Technically AM2+ should work on AM2 but if it was me I'd go with what's on the Asus support list.
  2. ^+1
    But it would also depend more on the resolution you game at...
    What is the current resolution you game???
  3. Change ur CPU also which can keep up with 4870
  4. It might depend on what resolution you game at. I will say this though. For a short time I had a 4870/512 card on a 2.6 939 rig. It did out perform a 640gts that was on it prior. This was at 1680x1050. It should also be a little better at lower resolutions. Now, for $150 or lower with rebate ( a 1gig card ), I can't see a reason not to upgrade. As far as upgrading everything else....... if you have 4gig of memory I wouldn't worry too much until I could do a complete rebuild. ( proc/mobo/mem/etc. )
  5. Yes, a 4870 1Gb card is a healthy upgrade to your current 8800GTS 640.
    If, however, you are gaming at a resolution under 1650x1080 your cash may be better spent on a new motherboard and updated CPU.

    If you would please post your gaming resolution and budget we can give you a better recommendation on your upgrade.
  6. Hi guys...

    Thanks for the advice and responses... :)

    Just to add a bit more... I currently game at 1440x900 due to monitor contrictions. But i do like to have my settings all as high as possible ;)

    My budget is probably around the £200 mark to be honest. At the moment, I found, what I think to be a good deal, this card HD 4870 775M 1GB DDR5 DUAL DVI TV PCI-E XXX for just £81.99 :o

    Looking forward to getting some more info based on my comments :)

  7. That is a fine card.

    For reference, this chart gives you an idea of relative performance:

    You might consider anew CPU and something lie a 4850 instead of a 4870 given that resolution.
  8. I think a 4870 512mb will serve you right.
  9. @ Chris82: Get it! Get it now! Do n't wait and miss it!
  10. Get the card you were originally going to get.
  11. Looks like a four-tier jump on that chart. Provided you have a quality PSU that is 500W or more, it would be worthwhile. Since your budget is 200 pounds and you'd only be spending 82, you could also afford to replace your PSU if necessary.
  12. Still not got it yet!
    Hurry up, will you!
  13. one thing Ive noticed is that the new gfx card is x16.... and i think my mobo is only x8 :(

    is that a problem? i have a 750w PSU :)
  14. It runs at X8, X8 in SLI mode, with a single card it will run at X16.
    Even if that were not the case a HD4870 is not fast enough to need much more that X8 anyway.
    And is n't that 81 pound card the one you were looking for in the first place?

    If so and you have not misread the description (Check it very carefully before you purchase) as my mate Mr. T would say:
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