Intel X25-M... slower after several hours?

I have a new P67 motherboard with x25-m Intel ssd drive

On Win7 I put RST drivers and tested it with ASSD and SisoftSandra. Got nice results (0.06ms, 258MB/s).

2 days later - ASSD access time - 1ms, 248MB/s in Sisoft Sandra

All I did I put SP1 really and browsed the Internet for several hours.

I checked - trim is enabled. But... when I go to device manager, I can see MS drivers, not Intel, even though RST is running in the background and e.g. ASSD recognizes that it is IASTOR and not ms ahaci...

What else should I check? I downloaded Intel Toolbox - ran a quick test - the same.

I have more that 45GB of free space on this drive...

I tried in safe mode as well - the same results
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  1. Its normal and still within specs.
  2. 1 ms access time = 1/1,000th of a second.

    A blink of an eye takes between 300 and 400 ms. That means the access time is 300 to 400 times faster than a human being can blink. A human brain will interpret the results as instantaneous. Absolutely incredible!

    Gamers and enthusiasts have a tendency to get hung up on synthetic benchmarks. The benchmarks are artificial. At best they only represent a rough approximation of how a component might perform. Individual results will vary.

    Don't Worry! Be Happy! Enjoy your new ssd! :)
  3. Thx JohnnyLucky, I think I will just do it :)

    I read that SSD have better speeds 'out of the box' and decrease the speed after a few hours/days... But it is still very fast
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