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i am looking for a good psu probably 700+ watts from a good brand. but if i can get it cheap it would help

please tom's hardware gods help me
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  1. Don't know your budget, but the corsair 650TS EPS12v for $79.99 after rebate at newegg is a good choice. It has a single 12v rail rated at 52 amps. There must be 100 in this price range rated at 700 watts or higher, but some brands are hit or miss.
  2. Corsair, PC Power & Cooling, and Seasonsic are some of the brands that have a reputation for high quality power supplies that consistently earn high marks in technical reviews. They are reliable, stable, and come with a 5 year warranty. Lately we've been seeing a few other brands offering some high quality units.
  3. When it comes to 80Plus certified with high quality reliable capacitors and cheap 700+ watt PSU, I highly recommend these:

    HEC ZEPHYR 750 watt continuous power

    Antec's True Power 750 watt continuous power

    Thermaltake Toughpower 750W
  4. Rock_n_Rolla - HEC is not known for having high quality power supplies. Their Zephyr series psu's were supposed to be high end. However, technical reviews revealed their claims were overly optimistic. The psu draws far more power than it can actually deliver. There's also a problem when trying to use high end video cards.
  5. Another +1 for PC Power & Cooling, Corsair, or the upper end Antec PSUs. You'll have good luck with those brands.
  6. +1 for Antec's True Power 750 watt continuous power
  7. @ Johnny

    Honestly saying i've recommended that HEC Zephyr 750 watts psu 3 times already to some peeps
    whom i setup a gaming rig though they're a bit tight on budget and doesnt want to spend
    extra for a more expensive psu which i usually recommend, but their budget is focused on video
    card and cpu and i cannot suggest them buying a generic cheap psu that in the long run might
    cause some serious problems on their systems (coz two of them are on crossfireX mode)
    one are on two 4870 and the other one are on two 4850 X2.
    That Hec zephyr is the only cheapest branded psu i could recommend available here in my area.
    I've done some online researching about that Hec psu way back and based on the info i got
    it turned out to be a reliable psu and cheap too.
    Its been 7 months now since the last guy whom i set up a rig, so far they haven't been calling
    me to say there's something wrong with their rigs and sometimes when i see them
    its a habit of mine asking how's their gaming rigs and they say its perfectly fine and they've been
    playing latest games for long long hours without experiencing any problems of what so ever.
    In newegg's site there are a lot of reviews posted there about this Hec psu though some are cons
    which IMO some of it caused by improper handling while in shipment which usually happens.
    As for those other branded more expensive psu from Antec and Thermaltake which i also
    recommended before, they too has some problems and cons but if you would look on its reviews
    the majority of its ratings like the Hec psu are way way more positive than negative.

    -- Good thing you mentioned this, since many people are visiting this site and looking
    for answers specially those people with less knowledge on a particular product they want to buy,
    hope this will give them an idea about researching for a product and dont easily base their decisions
    about its cons. Im not saying that the cons are senseless when looking for a good product
    but its the Pros where many people would go reading first, then the cons and would base their decisions
    on it rather than cons. If a product for example has more cons lets say out of 20 ratings, 13 of those
    are cons then there must be something wrong with that. If its 20 and 4 of those are cons then it would not be
    much of an issue since for example if the product is cheap and catches their attention due to its good features.

    Take care yo, God bless. :)
  8. It doesn't matter how many pros a PSU has if it cannot support its full rated power under load. There's a reason why the "good" PSU brand are recommended even if they are more expensive.
  9. Corsair HX850. :lol:
  10. Rock_n_Rolla - I did not look at the Newegg customer reviews that you mentioned in your response. Instead I looked at a technical review. A good technical review will open a power supply and exmaine the components. Based on the internal components It appears the 750 should have been classified as a 600 watt psu. In addition there were problems with the installation of the rectifier and possible problems with the thermo sensor. A good indicator of quality is the warranty. It's only one year for the HEC power supply. A high quality psu should have a 5 year warranty.

    I could not find the 750 watt psu listed as the HEC USA web site. HEC has a web page with links to online vendors. appears to be the only vendor in the USA that still sells the 750 watt psu. Several other vendors stopped selling them. Some of the vendor web pages indicate the item is no longer available. Perhaps that 750 watt model is available in other countries? Europe? It's my understanding that HEC power supplies are popular in Europe.

    An HEC 750 watt power supply was never tested and certified by

    I did take a look at the customer comments at after you mentioned it. The comments were not very encouraging. It's also obvious that some customers either did not know or did not follow instructions for connecting power cables to high end video cards.
  11. @ Johnny

    Yes its popular in Europe and even more popular in South East Asia.
    because its cheap specially their Cougar CM models which is a bit more
    expensive. Well, perhaps those peeps whom i suggested to buy
    those Hec psu's are lucky and blessed inspite of its performance it managed
    to keep up to their gaming needs and so far its serving them well with no
    problems of what so ever.
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