Which mobo for an i7 860?

Hey guys I had a recent post on a i7 920 build but decided to drop it all after reading some reviews on the i7 860 (please 920 owners don't hate me for it). Now I am aware that the i7 920 will probably beat the i7 860 when overclocked by a small amount, but in the end wasn't worth it to me. I would like to be able to OC my i7 860 to around 3.4 - 3.5 and then let Turbo boost do the rest while still saving SOME power savings with the 860 and the cheaper components (maybe ill be able to spend the extra mulla somewhere else like a SSD or something i dunno). Anyways I am a novice when it comes to motherboards so I need a bit of help.

Which would be a good motherboard for the i7 860 that I could overclock on to around 3.3 - 3.5Ghz?
I believe ASUS and GIGABYTE are the main two for this but If anyone can link me a solid board that maybe the have personal experience with or know something I don't that would be great.

Also I will be running Win 7 64 and I can't really find many reviews on 4GB vs 8GB. This build will be for gaming mainly and web surfing etc. I will be on a 40'' Samsung 1080p most of the time....If anyone has any recommendations on some good RAM that would be great too.

Current plan:
-Core i7 860
-mobo ????
-HIS HD5850
-RAM 4GB ? or 8GB?
-somewhere around a 650 - 700w PSU
-HDD dunno yet

Thanks guys

by the way this forum is the best I have seen on the internet. Ive gotten more help here than I could ask for its great.

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    One of these:

    Any 500 GB per platter Hard Drive.....Spinpoint F3, Seagate 7200.12 or WD Black (2 TB Model)

    The 1156 platform is a better choice when using a single GFX card, high end GFX cards in XFire or SLI will saturate the PCI lanes as they can only do 1 x PCI-E x 16 or 2 x PCI-E x 8.

    For a single GFX card, 650 watts is the sweet spot. Pick something off the Editpr's Choice List here if you going to do big OC's (30% or greater).....the Recommended List will suffice if more moderate OC's....up to 20-25%.
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