Asus bios cannot detect sata wd hard disk

Hello, cannot detect hard disk all of a sudden
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  1. are there other devices (such as a DVD drive) still working? maybe try that drive on a different port/diff cables.

    Can you try that drive in another PC?

    Could be a dead drive.
  2. thanks for your reply... actually there is one sata dvdrw drive and another 80gb IDE hdd, both are working fine but only the WD sata 320g HDD id not getting detected ... even in bios, i have tried it on different systems, even tried it through a sata to usb converter on my laptop... but all in vain. i mean its hardly been 3 months since i bought it. theres no clickin sound etc. runs fine when i dont think its a physical damage. what might me the problem... ??
  3. If you have tried it on multiple PCs, and it doesn't show in BIOS, I'd say it's dead. Could be anything, something fried on the interface... I'd call the mfr for warranty replacement.
  4. thanks again for your response... i think you're right.. looks like i don't have any other choice but to call for a replacement... But how can we rely on these people.. I ve lost my data already.. .. Would Seagate have been a better choice than Western Digital ??
  5. Any drive can lose data, which is why backups are so important.

    I don't know if I've ever seen a true objective failure rate study by brand. I'm sure vendors don't release their internal data, so what you are left with is opinions on the net.
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