Torn between the two

Hey guys.

I am looking to build an i5 750 rig and hopefully OC it to around the 4ghz mark although that may be being a bit hopeful. Anyway I am torn between these two mobos:

The primary use of the PC will be gaming & I don't plan to SLI/CF. I will be running 2 HDDs in RAID 0 so the two 'Speed HDD' SATA ports on the Asus looked useful although I don't know if they actually make any difference. The EVGA looked nice as it would mean I could use my TRUE without having to buy any other mounting bracket as the board supports 775 coolers.

I am also somewhat of an amateur modder & am going for a black & red theme in this build which partly contributed to my choices above. I would also like to know if the mATX form factor has much effect on overclocking as I figure with things closer together it might run a bit hotter?

I am really 50/50 between the two. One day I prefer the EVGA and the next the Asus. Please help me make up my mind.

I will be buying in a few weeks so I have time to wait for potential boards with USB3.0 etc, although I can't afford much for the mobo than, basically the price range of the two linked above.

I am also open to suggestions of other boards however would like to stick with boards with a red/black theme. I was looking at a foxconn board a while ago but it didn't appear to have RAID support which I thought was utterly abysmal so gave up.

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  1. My vote goes for the Asus maximus III, mainly because thats the board im using and I love it. Cant speak on the evga board but the asus board is soo easy to overlcock and has an insane amount of features. I have the i7 860 and the highest speed i have hit so far is 3.9ghz, but i havent really tried messing around with the settings to much.

    The Memperfect feature is really nice it will torture test your memory in the bios and find out what the limits for your memory speed/timmings are and also the optimal settings for your memory.

    You also might want to look at the GA-P55-UD6 board as from what ive seen on benchmark sites overclocks really well. And just might help you reach that 4ghz that your looking for.
  2. I've been reading a lot of reviews of them both & just realised that the red 'speed' SATA ports on the Maximus III are completely useless.

    Still torn 50/50, although it's starting to lean to more of a 60/40 to the Asus I am still not sure.

    Thanks for your input.
  3. yea from what ive read to some people have had trouble with the speed ports, others have gotten it to work. Im not sure my self as im not using raid yet, waiting till i can afford 2 new 300gb raptors.
  4. The speed ports are slower than the normal SATA2 ports on it so there is really no point. :/
  5. CorteX said:
    The speed ports are slower than the normal SATA2 ports on it so there is really no point. :/

    who knows might be a software issue atm that could be fixed in future driver release. But yea can still do raid on the regular sata ports.
  6. Urgh I still can't decide & I found where I can get them for exactly the same price (previously the Maximus was like £15 more)

    If you were getting an 1156 setup and had an absolute max of £200 what mobo would you get?
  7. Already gave you my suggestion of the Maximus III Formula, its one of the best boards you can get for 1156 in that price range.
  8. Yeah ok. Thanks.

    I'll go for that then. :)
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