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Building new gaming comp to replace the beast i have had for 7 years. Time for a new build! Could really use any opinions that you all have. Could not decide on the power supply so please give me some ideas that would be compatible.




Processor Cooler:

Wanted the Asus triton 88 but only place i could find it was on ebay, and not too much info about it all together.

Video Card: 2 of these, buying one and then another in a month after build.

Maybe Arctic 5 compound? Open for suggestions.

Power Supply:
Was going to go with the But i read a couple of bad reviews on and off of so not sure anymore. I need the most help choosing something that will power all this stuff and be compatible.

Hard drive: Probably a 1TB HD like western Digital but open for ideas.

Probably OCZ 6GB (2x3GB) DDR3 But not sure which ones since there is a lot of choices on Newegg

Sound Card:
Need some input here, theres a lot of choices.

Internet card:
Look into getting one? If so what should i go for? Or stay with the mobo one?

CD/DVD Drive:

Would really enjoy some feedback on my choices, need it to be a a beast of a gaming rig!
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  1. What resolution is your monitor? Quad SLI scales very poorly.

    For RAM I'd recommend OCZ Platinum.

    You don't need compound, the cooler comes with some.

    The on-board LAN is fine, as is on-board sound.
  2. JonnyGuru does very thorough reviews on the power supplies. The kingwin doesnt manage to stay within ATX specs on a couple of his tests and ATX specs are pretty loose so if it goes out of those thats really bad.

    The corsair HX1000 still provides you with all the power you will need, in a modular format with good efficiency and stays well within ATX specs leaving the odds of magic smoke leaving your computer at very low.
  3. Well the build looks good except, make sure your i7 920 is d0 stepping. They oc higher and use less power.
    I agree with quad sli being a waste of money. Been there done that, results not very good for the money your gonna drop.
    The cooler is pretty good but the TRUE 120 is easier to find and works well in the classified. Remember if you get dominator ram or anything with high heatsinks you won't be able to run 12 gigs because the fan of the 120 will be in the way on the evga boards. Not 100% sure about the one you pick though (looks big lol)

    ethernet card is the bigest waste of money there is, period!

    If you have good speakers, a sound card is a good idea. onboard sound doesn't compare to a great soundcard.
  4. Thanks for all the advise and input! Much appreciated. My screen resolution is 1680X1050 i run a

    Think i should look into ATI crossfire instead? Not sure i have been out of the loop on graphics cards for 5 years. The True 120 looks good, never noticed it when i was looking for a cooler but its definitely a option now. How easy is it to install on the mobo? Not too happy knowing i wont be able to max my ram out but o well =/ . The HX1000 should do the job just not much bells and whistles on it but i the performance is more important. The OCZ platinum seems alright but i was kinda looking for 2x3GB DDR3 and maybe i passed it but did not see it on newegg. Any other suggestions for ram options?
  5. games21 said:
    My screen resolution is 1680X1050

    One HD4870 1GB or GTX260 216 is more than enough for that.

    Corsair HX520 would be plenty of power.

    Here's the OCZ Platinum:
  6. Hi...The setup looks very good and too costly and an overkill for you monitor...

    A single GTX 275 can max out all the games @ that resolution...

    You can drop that mobo and get the ASUS Rampage, which is cheaper and yet as good as that mobo...

    I would suggest you instead invest on cheaper mobo and upgrade your monitor...

    If I were you I would do this...

    CPU - i7 920 D0

    Mobo -
    ASUS Rampage

    RAM -
    mushkin 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 CAS 7

    PSU - Corsair 1000HX

    Graphics card - 2x GTX 275 for now and 3rd one later if required...
    EVGA GTX 275

    HDD- WD Black 1TB

    Sound card - You wont need one as the ASUS Rampage comes with Premium onboard sound card...

    And with some cash saved and adding more cash, get this monitor...Search the net for coupons and you can get this for less with Free shipping...

    By the you wold need more powerful graphics setup, newer cards will be out, then you can buy them...
  7. stay with the Classified Mobo, as its the best in class..aslo the Megahalems has garnered great reviews across the net!
    for PSU, go with the Corsair's new 850W modular PSU..xbitlabs did some testing on how much power we really need, and even with a 295, peak power consumption was 500W...
  8. Another +1 to the GPU suggestions. That's overkill, and quad-SLI is questionable in many games. It's cool to say you've got it, but it won't perform like $1000 of GPU power - save the cash for future upgrades.

    +1 for the Corsair PSU, or going with lower wattage if you get a different GPU
  9. GTX 295's aren't worth it, get a single GTX 275 or 4890 for now, and then use the $750-800 you saved to get a 5870 X2 and a 5870 when they come out in september.

    it will wipe the floor with those two GTX 295's.
  10. Has anyone seen any specs on the 5870 yet? Pricing information?

    I believe the GTX 295 is awfully costly, but don't know how it will measure up against still-to-be released GPUs. Any info would be great.
  11. Well the build looks good except, make sure your i7 920 is d0 stepping.

    What does that mean.... Sorry I'm new at this
  12. hi you still think about buying an asus triton 88?
    if so and you are based in the uk here is a shop where you can get it...

    i bought mine there just 3 weeks ago for £44.36 including shipping. it's just amazing and the good thing dont have to worry about if this monster fits your motherboard and if it covers some ram slots...both motherboard and cooler are from the same company and they know about the sizes.
    i was worried too, because im using an asus crosshair and my first cooler (max orb from thermaltake) just, but only just fit in...the triton fits without any problems whatsoever.

    otherwise try to get a good deal on the different idealo price comparison pages...,, etc.

    good luck
  13. No offense but that build is major over kill for that resolution. I could put a build together for almost half that cost and still get the same results if not better. That build is what I call an e-pen0r build.,2298.html <--- dual gtx 275's > gtx 295
  14. Why_Me said:
    No offense but...
    its a 2 month old thread that was necro'ed this afternoon. :lol:
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