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I have a budget of about £90 I originally opted for the GeForce 9800GT but someone recommended the ATI 4850 or 4770. This is the first computer that I have built and I am a total n00b. Which of these graphics cards would you recommend?
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  1. 4850 > 4770 > 9800 in terms of pure performance.
    If they all cost the same however I would probably go for the HD4770 as its smaller, cooler and more power efficient. But they are usually hard to find and more expensive when you do so.
    In other words get the HD4850.
  2. Thanks, I would really like comments from others just to make sure!
  3. What about this one?: http://www.dabs.com/products/asus-radeon-hd-4850-512mb-ddr3-cc-625mhz-pcie-2xdvi-57V1.html?q=ATI%204850 I'm assuming the DDR3 means I will have to upgrade my RAM?
  4. Any will do but this one is the same price as those and has more memory;

    Not sure what you mean about upgrading your RAM but the answer is no.
  5. It says DDR3 in the name. What does this mean?
  6. Not too sure about the site and I have never heard of the brand... Are you sure?
  7. I'm not sure. I'm assuming there's no real point in having a top of the range graphics card and a monitor with low resolution?
  8. Do you know the brand/model of the monitor or at least the size?
  9. no; that's bad isn't it?
  10. so... I'll need a new monitor will I?
  11. Alright, for that thing you can save some money and get one of these;
    The differences in price are fairly representative of their respective performances.
    However, that monitor is pretty crappy. If you plan on upgrading it at any point in the not too distant future you may just want to go ahead and get that HD4850 1 gig. It's definitely massive overkill for that monitor but it is a good deal and these other cards probably won't cut it if you do get a decent monitor.

    Another important question which might make all of this irrelevant what kind of power supply you have. There's a decent chance it may only be able to handle that first card I linked in this post.
  12. I have 650W Corair should be perfectly capable. Probably just get a better monitor
  13. That is not a great monitor, but for the price it isn't bad.
  14. do you have a better reasonably priced suggestion
  15. Nothing I could suggest would fit your budget of £90.

    Make sure you have a look at a similar display first though. It is not gonig to be terrible by any means, but many people find issues in the image quality of a lower end LCD. This won't be much of a concern if you already have an LCD, but might be if you are moving from a CRT.
  16. I'd go for an 19" monitor at the least. They aren't much more. Or this 20" is £79.51
    Surely the extra 3 inches are worth £10.
    Honestly I don't know much about picking out a good cheap monitor at the moment. Perhaps someone else can give you better advice in that area.
    The HD4850 1gig is the right choice for any of these monitors btw.
  17. Buying a monitor is tricky. Unlike other aspects of the computer it is more personal taste than anything. I'd never buy one unless I was sure I could get it returned if I didn't like the picture.

    The display jyjjy linked is about as good as it comes for that price. Assuming you are not constrained by the size.
  18. If I do go for the monitor you recommended would it still be worthwhile to buy the video card you also recommended
  19. A larger monitor requires a better video card.

    Whichever you get first will not operate to its fullest until you replace the other as well.
  20. Those are quality products.

  21. Thanks a lot
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