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I've spent months researching and finally have my new system in boxes and ready to be put together. Except... I have nowhere to put it all. I'm satisfied with my CPU, motherboard, RAM, GPU, HDD, everything. The only piece I can't seem to get right is the case. I hope you guys/girls can help me on this one... it seems like there aren't many good options right now.

Here's what I want:
-Mid-sized (ATX) Tower
-Solid/Sturdy Design
-Top/High Front Panel with eSATA
-Washable Fan Filters

Here's what I don't want:
-Bright LED Fans
-Low Front Panel
-Front Bevel/Door

I'm willing to spend between $100 and $200 on this.

I like the Hiper Osiris, but can't find it anywhere for sale. I would go for the SILVERSTONE FT01, but it lacks the eSATA I want for future-proofing. Right now, I'm leaning towards the Antec 902 with the intention of replacing the LED fans with non-LED and quieter ones. Thanks, Jeff
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  1. Cooler Master RC-690 meets most of your requirements except washable fan filters. It also has a front LCD fan that would need to be disabled.
    I had no problem modding that case to use black nylons as the fan filter elements.

    You can always run through the case-mod sites like FrozenCPU - QuietPC - Xoxide (to name a few) to see what fan filter options you have available.
  2. Hmmmm......It might depend on which video card you are going to install. Those brand new ATI Radeon HD 5850 and 5870 video cards are 11 inches long. You would have to have sufficient room for a card like that. Space can be very tight in some mid-tower cases.

    Here's a new case from Lancool which is a subsidiary of Lian Li:

    I think the case will meet your requirements. It's a classic black design with very good ventilation, airflow, and cooling. The front bezel comes with filters as does the bottom air intake fan. The ports are mounted at the top front of the case.

    Here's a link to a very good video review done by the guys over at

    OOPS! Maybe not. It does not have an eSata port on the front panel. Sorry!
  3. I highly recommend the Coolermaster's CM Strom Sniper gaming case.
    It received countless awards given by top legit reviewers all over the world and
    they all say one thing,. "It is truly an awesome gaming case!". No doubt.
    Here's why:
    click on the pagination arrow on the bottom right side on the Awards tab to see all the awards.
    click here to see how it looks like:

    -- Im not being biased but Coolermaster designed this gaming case based on the infos they gathered
    from pc gamers, enthusiasts and international gaming groups around the world and as a result.
    A full featured military themed full tower like Mid tower gaming case and hell yeah all those
    pc gamers, enthusiast and gaming groups love it including me.
  4. Johnny, the 5850s are only 9.5 inches long so most cases won't struggle fitting them. Although, its important to remember that their cables connect to the back and take up a little extra room.
  5. Thanks for your replies, guys. The video card I'm putting in there is the Radeon 5850.

    I like the Coolermaster Sniper, assuming that I can turn off the LEDs easily. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll read some reviews and think about it some more. I'm also considering the Lian-Li PC-V1010B. It's a bit old, but has everything I want (although I'm not sure I like those wheels...).

    Keep the suggestions coming. Thanks!
  6. ghoul - OOPS! That's right! It's the 5870 that is the long video card.
  7. If you want something sophisticated, and more 'mature' looking, perhaps consider the Thermaltake Element S.

    It's rebated right now, and reviews for it are positive. I believe it has dust filters at the front, e-SATA at the front, and a nice big 230mm fan at the top that keeps things cool and quiet. Plus, there's a few good combo's to be had with it.

    There is a model with a mesh side that has a large fan, but it seems newegg doesn't carry it. Happy hunting!
  8. Thanks for the suggestion. Like I said in my main post, I'm considering the 902 but then I'd have to replace the front fans (which I believe do not have an LED turn off switch).

    I'm liking the Cooler Master Storm Sniper the more I look at it. However, I'm concerned by its size. It's labeled "mid tower" but it seems to be the size of some full towers. If I'm going there, I might as well open up the competition to full sized towers as well...
  9. We have two Fry's Electronics stores here in Phoenix, Arizona. I visit them on a regular basis so I have an opportunity to take a look at the 30 to 40 pc cases they usually have on display. The Coolermaster Storm Sniper qualifies as a large full tower case. It's right up there with the Coolermaster HAF 932 qnd the Antec Twelve Hundred.
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