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Hey all!

So I'm trying to set up a slightly abnormal home network... I've got a switch and a wireless router connected to the modem
(modem to switch, switch - My comp + Wireless) and I'm trying to get windows to see all of the computers connected to the network regardless of what they are plugged into.

Now incase you're wondering why the switch and the router? I hate routers. They never seem to be reliable and any time my computer is connected to a router, my internet connection is as stable as Charles Manson. In an ideal situation, I'd simply plug my computer directly into the modem and be done. The problem is, my girlfriend needs wireless for her laptop so I'm forced to use a router for her connection. My solution was to buy a switch to split the connection from the modem to my computer bypassing the router on my end and allowing her to use the wireless since our ISP provides us with two IPs.

The big problem now is getting all the computers to play nicely. Anyone have any ideas on how to achieve this?

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  1. The only way you can both computers to communicate is by changing the wire router to a wireless access point so your girlfriend's laptop has an IP address in the same range as yours.
  2. A Wireless access point doesn't happen to have the ability to create secondary IPs like a router does it? Cause I actually have my secondary computer plugged into the router as well for gaming. Basically I have 3 computers and I want them all to play nicely.
  3. Then you need 3 IP addresses from your ISP. Your hate for routers is screwing you.
  4. Its not necessarily that I hate routers, its just that I hate instable POSes that drop my connection all the time and I've yet to find a router (tried almost every brand and various models) that is actually stable.

    Allright, I'll probably just pay my ISP for a 3rd IP. Thanks for the info!
  5. Man you really are screwing your self hard.. have a wireless router that i have been using for our small businesses network at my job for over 1 and a half now.. and what do you think a switch is? just another form of a router, just not wireless.. so why not just get a wireless router with a 4 port switch and plug your pc into it and be done with it. that way your pc wont be wireless. Not all wireless routers are bad.

    Im just curios do you live in a apartment? or a house
  6. Have you tried a Netopia wireless router?
  7. I've tried Linksys, SMC and D-Link. I'll look into a Netopia but I think ultimately it'll be cheaper to just pay for a third IP. Thanks for all the help man.
  8. I had commercial account that had a web based reservation system and the only router that worked was a Netopia. It's still working great 5 years later. You're really better off having all your computers behind a router especially if you plan on sharing folders.
  9. All right, I'll look into where I can get a Netopia router here. Thanks for the help.
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