Q6600 long beep after overclock

Hey guys. I'm running into some trouble. I'm trying to Overclock my Q6600 on my Nforce 780i mobo with the updated bios. After configuring many different clock speeds, I will go through the rest of my settings as I normally would, except when I save and exit, upon the reboot I get a long beep, followed by another reboot which doesn't include any of my saved overclock settings, and often times it will ask me to load bios defaults.

This is essentially my first time overclocking, and if anyone here has experience with overclocking the Q6600, I would greatly appreciate any advice. I really want to pull 3.4ghz out of it.

My components:

CPU: Core 2 quad Q6600 (obviously)
Mobo: Nforce 780i
GPU: dual 9800GTX
PSU: 1100 watt
RAM: 4 gigs

Edit: Just thought of something. I should tell you guys I left all of the voltage and memory settings on auto. Idk if that's the cause. If it is, can you suggest something? Thanks in advance!
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  1. Update: I fixed my long beep. Memory speeds were wrong. However, I can only get a stable run up to 3 ghz, which is much lower than I anticipated. It's probably because I leave the voltages on auto. Can anyone recommend safe voltages to clock up to 3.4 ghz?
  2. read these; We don't know who the manufacturer is but here goes.

    EVGA 780i Overclocking Guide

    Guide to overclocking EVGA 780i motherboard

    How to get over 3.6 on Q6600/780i

    hope these help. Alot of the times, all i heard about the nforce mobo's is they were all hype and no show :/ put off a 750i purchase as well...
  3. Thanks for that guide on the Q6600/780i. I did thousands of "Q6600 780i Overclocking" searches and found nothing relevant. I really appreciate it!!!!
  4. Lets see if you can make the suggestion work for you...then post back here! :)
  5. Ok, after several tries I could not get it to boot past windows. I never got to my desktop. Setting my cpu to 3.6 ghz and leaving ram and 800 seems to cause instability. I tried multiple voltage settings. 1.45, and about 5 presets under it. None of them allowed me to get past loading windows.

    Edit: I have no idea what the VID they're referring to is.
  6. Q6600 owners... what is your VID? and CPU vid ?

    I could not get it to boot past windows

    you mean the starting windows screen?

    But on stock clocks, can you boot into windows?
  7. The VID is the voltage that the CPU chip programs the motherboard power regulator to produce. It is sort of the "stock" voltage for that particular chip.

    My Q6600 VID is 1.2625 volts - about average. It will run at 3.6 GHz in an EP45-UD3P at 1.42 volts with a TRUE/S-Flex SFF21F in an Antec 900 case. 24 hour Prime 95 stable, load temps 61 - 66 C. CPU hits a brick wall at 3.65 GHz. 3.65 GHz works. 3.66 GHz doesn't.
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