Would this be a good upgrade for gaming

Would this be a good upgrade going from a amd x2 6000 to a phenom x2 550. And will I notice the difference.



PSU:Thermaltake pp 600w

cpu:amd x2 6000

ram:Corsair twinX pc6400 1gbx2

gpu:evga gtx260
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  1. From a technical standpoint it's a better processor yeah, but you're about due for a new build if you're looking for higher frame rates. Your card is probably being bottlenecked by your other equipment. If you currently have a dual core CPU, jumping a half generation ahead with the same amount of cores is a waste of money. Save it and buy yourself a Phenom II or a Core i7 quad core.
  2. Use this chart at Anandtech to compare the 2 CPUs. You can use it to compare others also.
  3. If you could squeeze just a lil more from your tight budget, go for the Radeon 4890 1GB GDDR5 instead of the GTX 260 video card,
    not only its so much faster and has a Shader 4.1 and DX10.1 support but in the long run, you'll be playing very demanding games
    that can be more enjoyable to play when using high end video cards. The price margin if you would compare these two its only $15-20.
    IMO, the amount of gaming experience and enjoyment you would get for the $20 difference is way way more than gaming with a GTX 260 video card and I GUARANTEE YOU THAT!.
    If your budget is still up for another extra 1GB or RAM, then you'll have a gaming rig where you can play the latest demanding games in a very long time.

    -- In addition, go for the Phenom X2 550 BE procie, it is way more faster then the X2 6000. (20 percent faster!) and you can OC the
    X2 550 way more than the X2 6000 procie could handle.

    Hope this helps. :)
  4. thank you that does help. I was thinking of getting 4 gigs of pc8500 would that improve my performance over pc6400.
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    w619 said:
    thank you that does help. I was thinking of getting 4 gigs of pc8500 would that improve my performance over pc6400.

    You're Welcome :)

    -- I highly suggest go for a 4 gig or Ram. Since you gonna be playing high end games and using multi-threaded applications, It is
    advisable to use 2 gig of ram or more, coz not only the applications you use is more faster to load but it can utilize its functions
    more efficiently when loaded in the ram. So the more you have the better your rig performs specially if your Ram is a pc8500 one
    (which is more faster than the pc6400 ones).
    Plus you a have a good procei (Phenom X2 550 and a 4890 1gig GDDR 5 video card). From a thigh budget point of view,
    You can just sit, relax and enjoy playing those latest games and use multi-thread applications as long and as many as you want.
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