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Can anyone recommend a good under $200 19" Standard (NOT widescreen) LCD monitor? Thanks!
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    They are few and far between these days. What tasks are you planning on doing on it?

    That is the best one on the egg, though if you are unable to spend anything over 200, this would be it:
  2. Writing, writing and Crysis. Diablo 3 later. I was looking at the Hanns·G HX-191DPB, Newegg # N82E16824254013. I think they have the Contrast Ratio incorrect. Hanns-G site has 1000:1. The LG looks mighty good.
  3. daidalus685-

    Wow, almost got a headache before I realized I was in Newegg Canada! My cart did not make sense and I couldn't get any shipping charges.

    If I can get the LG I think I will, but it's not $211 US is it? Maybe $250?
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