[Solved] EX58-UD4P won't boot with eSATA drives attached

My computer will not go pass recognizing the drives after posting with my two eSATA drives attached. I've tried it with both the ICH10 SATA ports and the Gigabyte GSATA2 ports. The computer will boot if the drives are unplugged. I can use them fine after the system is finished loading. I've only tried the F8 and the F10K bios. I can boot the computer with the eSATA drives attached via a USB 2.0 cable. Appreciate any help on this problem. My computer consists of the following:

i7 Core 920
6GB Cosair ram
Gigabyte EX58-UD4P
Nvidia GTX 260
Creative X-Fi Champion Fata1ty PCI-E
Seagate ST3320620AS 300GB SATA HD
Maxtor 7Y250M0 230GB SATA HD
Seagate Freeagent Pro 1TB eSATA/USB HD
Seagate FreeAgent Xtreme 1.5TB eSATA/USB HD
Intel Matrix Storage Console
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
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  1. I was able to fix the problem by using the Seagate Monitor. This will only work if the drives are connected via USB. Changing the power settings to "never".
  2. There is a (relatively severe, and sometimes fatal to a drive) problem with
    Either wanna 'back-up' to 8.8, or do the new ('leaked' and, as yet, unsupported) RST (rapid storage technology) program... I've 'packaged them up' here for someone else's 'first attempt' at RAIDing - probably be handy...
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