CS 1.6 and 4500

Do you think the Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD would run CS 1.6 in 640 or 800 resolution with 100fps? I usually run at low settings as far as AA/AF. Also would something like the 9200 or higher beat that card? What about a Radeon HD2400?
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  1. Here is a comparison of relative graphics power:


    The 4500 is on par with a 9200M. The 2400 is a tad higher.

    All will run the game.. but the CPU will come into paly a lot for that resolution. 100fps might be stretching it a tad, but that realyl depends on the rest of the system.

    Frankly, all the GPU's you list are crap compared to modern options.
  2. Yeah, I'm on a budget for a laptop for college. I don't plan on playing too seriously or too much so hopefully it wont matter. My desktop has a dual core 2ghz cpu, 2gb memory, and an 8800GT (i got it when it was like 400$ glad to see its like 50$ now :P). My laptop will most def. have 3-4gb of ram and a dual core 2ghz+. I may end up going with the 4500 since the 9200 isnt slightly better. Would you say it is worth getting the hd 2400 or a 512mb nvidia 9500M GS? Would those 2 make a big difference?
  3. a 9500M is a good bit higher. Rebranding of the 8600M if I'm not mistaken.
  4. Ok, So I'll either go for the 9500M or just stick to the 4500.
  5. ended up getting the 512MB 9600M GT
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