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I have an Asus 2.53GHz P4PE ACPI , socket 478 clocked at 133mhz running on two sticks 512mb each of Corsair XMS2700 333mhs cl2 memory My motherbaord is rated for up to 3gigs of memory and only has 3 memory slots. hopefuly that's enough info for you to answer my question ok so i'm using 2 of the 3 memory slots I just got another stick of the same memory installed it and rebooted the compter the computer starts the fans come's on the hard drive sounds like it's working BUT the monitor go's into hibernation and wont come on? if I remove the 3rd stick of memory the computer boots up fine if reintall the 3rd stick it dosn't want to boot up I would greatlly appreciate any help you guys could give me as to why this is happaning thanks
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  1. Is the third module good, i.e., if you replace an existing module with the new one, does the system boot?
  2. Thanks for replying yes no matter which two I use the computer boots up fine. it's just when I add the 3rd memory stick that it wont boot up
  3. Maybe your third slot has gone bad!
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