Vpci xpress x1 and power supply

i have an emachine EL1300G-01w (slim line) i play wow and want a better video card. all the cards i found all need a power supply of 350-400 watts. the machine i have now has 220 watts with a nvidia geforce 6150se integrated. i just want to upgrade my video card and power supply if needed. any help ?
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  1. From what I can see, it has no expansion slots at all!
    Can you open the case and confirm/deny this?
  2. According to CNet's review, it does have a single PCI-Ex1 slot (currently used by the modem).

    Unfortunately, the cost of low-profile, PCI-Ex1 cards is, imo, too high to recommend any of them. ($130 for an HD4350???)

    -Wolf sends
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