Random crashes in Windows 7 RC1 with new MB, Ram, CPU -- PS?

Ok... so I decided to upgrade my system, and its seeming to work disasterously... I have not yet tried to overclock.

New Components:

AMD Phenom II X3 720 with stock cooler
Gskill 5-5-5-15 1066 2x2gb ram DDR2

Old Compoents:
TruePower 350W PS
7600GT (yea I know it needs upgrading)
HD, DVD, M-Audio Revolution 5.1 audio card, external HD

The computer posts, takes forever to do a USB search in the bios, then boots to Windows 7 RC1 64 easily. It runs for a short time, then I get a BSOD.

The stop code and error message on the BSOD is always different, no consistency I have found.

MEMTEST reports the memory is ok.

I'm wondering if its an underpowered situation, because when I remove one stick of ram it seems to run much longer before BSODing. It could also be the MB I guess, but anyone have any suggestions?
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  1. an old psu is not going to make its rated wattage . How old is old? It still might be enough but it will be working pretty hard and you need to upgrade .

    But the most likely cause of your problem is RAM timing and voltage . Chances are your ram needs 2.1 volts to run at 1066MHz. In bios check the timings are correct and that it has that voltage
  2. For what its worth... I'm guessing its a driver that was causing it to crash. I downgraded to XP 32bit and its very stable. I'll just wait for Windows 7 to go to production I guess to upgrade.

    I'm still having trouble that during the POST sequence it takes about 30sec polling the USB headers, but I'm not sure what the problem is there. Even when I was running the memory at 800mhz and had everything else set via auto on the mboard it was causing problems :(

    Thanks for the suggestions!
  3. MEMTEST is not 100%. My OCZ RAM was defective and passed a 12-hour test. The best way to be sure is to get a different set of RAM (preferably tested).

    Try removing everything absolutely unnecessary to start the PC.

    Are you sure that the slow-down isn't because you have the POST set to run longer. Probably not because that just tests RAM and it should be obvious.

    Windows 7 drivers?
    I doubt it's a software issue.

    Definitely sounds like a RAM issue. Possibly the motherboard.
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