Asus P6GD1 15.5v motherboard via windowsXP vs 12v in bio

I think the ASUS P5GD1 is dying, some the hardwares having problems (i.e. audio, modem quit working after reinstalling couple times)
I used the sisoftware Sandra and ASUS probe and they both said 15.5v which it should be 12v, but in the Bio it says 12v and the voltage meter said 12v also.
I am ordering a new motherboard, CPU and a hard drive, I have the rest.
Another problem, the CPU usage percentage won't go over 50% which causing the program the to be slow.
Should I get a new power supply?
And is the motherboard dying?
I'm using Speedfan 4.40 program, weird things it reporting an a Gigabyte P35
+12v : 1.92v
-12v: -16.97v
thanks dan
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  1. What power supply do you have? It does seem there's something wrong with your PSU.
  2. If the BIOS and a separate dmm both read 12 volts, you probably have 12 volts regardless of what the other software says.
  3. I have a Seagate ePower Cheetah EP-520XP-C1B
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