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Hello all. I just built my new pc and was wondering what the ideal tempurature is for my cpu. I am using a AMD Phenom II x4 3.2 BE. Also is there a good free monitoring software i could use besides checking it in the bios?

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  1. I use Hardware Monitor by CPU ID but you can also look at speed fan and real temp.

    There is no ideal temperature for any chip. it depends on many variables (ambient temp, cooler, case, fans, etc.). Just aim to keep it low!
  2. It is running at 43c idle with a freezer 64 pro hs/fan. Case is xclio A380(has 2x 250mm fans blowing air in the case) with a 120mm and 80mm exhaust fans. AMD C&Q is on auto.

    I know cooler is better but just wanted to know what was the ideal tempurature i should be looking at. Like am i doing close to what a stock hs/fan is doing or am i doing better?

    My last pc was a old 939 and i know the temps are alot cooler for that sigle core but i have no clue what a quad core should run around tempurature wise.
  3. 43 idle looks fine to me, although load temps are what you should be worrying about.

    Where abouts are you? hot climate? winter closing in?
  4. Ideal? Low as possible. :D
  5. mi1ez said:
    ... you can also look at speed fan and real temp...

    Real Temp works on Intel processors only. Core Temp works on Intel and AMD processors. Real Temp and Core Temp show Core temperatures only. SpeedFan shows CPU temperature and Core temperature on Intel and AMD processors.
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