New build - is it worth it to have 2x 9800gt's in this system

New spec's:

AMD Phenom II X4 955 (3.2Ghz) Black Ed.
4GB Corsair 1066Mhz
2x 640GB HDD (7200rpm)
450w PSU (Cant remember brand atm)
Using a 24" 1080p Samsung Monitor.

and finally, the 1GB 9800gt.

My question is is it worth it to go with 2x 9800gt in SLI or just stick with the one? The system will mainly be used for playing games and watching HD movies.

Any thoughts?
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  1. Sup'

    I'm no expert but I'm almost certain 450w won't be enough for SLI'd 9800GT's, especially if you went ahead and OC'd your CPU.
  2. Yeah sorry I forgot to mention that. If it's worth it to go SLI, I will look at around a 700w PSU. The 450w is just for the current build (money isn't a problem btw, I just don't want to spend if I don't have to) :D
  3. have a look at the CHARTS section of this web site . They will have benchmarks for the 9800 gt in sli .

    Personally I'd probably spend the same money as 2 x 9800 gts on a single better card
    4890's are under $200 and so are gtx 275's

    And since the nVidia chipset mb's have a such a poor reputation if I was building phenom then its probably safer to stick with an AMD 790 series nb and 750 sb chipset board which means crossfire and not SLI
  4. I agree with Outlander_04. The 9800gts is getting pretty old in terms of computers, and spending money on one now would be a waste. It isn't a bad card, but there's better performing ones for a similar price out there.

    My recommendations would be to drop the 9800gt/s and grab a gtx 275 or radeon 4890. Either of those will outperform 2 9800gt's.
  5. Thanks for the replies. To clear it up, I havent bought anything yet (I don't actually own a 9800). I've had a look around, and for what I'm going to be doing, I'm going to get a GTX260, and when they come down in price a little more, get another one for SLI. I've also decided to go with a 700w PSU as well for when I finally do get the extra card.

    Thanks anyway guys.
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