Minimum Chip support for l4d

which laptop except for Dell Xps and Alienware can support L4D
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  1. Acer Aspire 5920G refurb with HD 3470, runs L4D at highest settings at min of 20fps while on power. But Core2 would be enough.
  2. Just make sure You don't have intel graphics.

    As stated any C2D or pentium DC or even the quicker celeron DC will probably cope so long as the GPU is up to it. And don't rule out the multi-core Turions and Athlons either. Almost anything would be up to it so long as it's at least dual core.

    AMD: preferably above HD3200
    Nvidia: above 8400M G
  3. pentium 4 at 2ghz can run the game rofl
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