I fried my whole system

I built a computer, wouldn't turn on, I tried a lot of things to make it work, but I'll just tell you where it went wrong.

I disconnected the power to my video card, and my computer turned on. The only problem is that the mother board doesn't have an on board graphics card. I turned the computer off and reconnected the power to my graphics card. When I pressed the power button I saw a huge spark on the graphics card. All that powers up now is the power supply, which turns off after a couple of seconds. I'm wondering if that spark fried my HDD. And if it did would it be safe to put that fried HDD in another computer, or would it fry that system too?
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  1. Okay wait. Where did the huge spark come from?

    List some specs

    What freakin psu did you use?

    And did you use a 220 on like a 120 or something? Wtf?
  2. The spark came from the graphics card.

    The specs were:
    AMD Phenom II X4 940
    4GB A-Data RAM
    RBR750-M 750 watt rosewill power supply
    Gigabyte MA770-UD3 mother board
    GTX 260 graphics card

    I don't know what 220 on a 120 means (I don't know anything about how power supplies work)
  3. Did you install everything correctly? Perhaps did you use spacers on your mobo? I know a lot of people don't but I had a friend ruin his entire rig but neglecting to do so.

    Was the pci-e cable plugged in correctly?

    Do you have a second computer you can test parts in?
  4. Do you have another PSU you can swap out for the rosewill? Or another system you can try the card in? I wouldnt suggest booting the system up with the rosewill anymore, get a new PSU, a good one, and use that to see what else may have gotten toasted. If the HDD is toast it just wont work, it wont corrupt or damage a system you put it into.
  5. Yes I used spacers everything was installed correctly. I'm pretty sure the pci-e plug was in correctly. I do have another computer, now that you mention it.
  6. Well, my HDD didn't get fried :D

    @hunter: The PSU is good, I tried using another PSU and it didn't work with that one either. When I turn that computer on now the only thing that powers up is the Rosewill PSU.
  7. Just start troubleshooting each part in a different system.

    A major spark on a gpu is insane.

    That would require an extreme power surge, broken pcb, jesus miracle. SOmething crazy.

    I'm amazed right now.

    Maybe god is hating you for not buying a 4870 or 4890 instead.
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