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Iv been slowly moving up the OC on my AMD phenom ii x6. The one thing I can't seem to nail down is what is the absolute safe temp for 100% load. I am not saying I will push it that far but if i know 80c is dangerous ill probably stop around 75 I'm just not really sure what a good temp for long term 100% load use is. FYI I'm running at 3.6 with 45-50c at 100% load for 3 hours.
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  1. your temps are fine keep it under 60 as an absolute max im running 4.33 and my max temp is 55c with prime95
  2. here is the info on the 1090t im not sure what x6 cpu you have, but amd claims 62c as a max
  3. Your temps are already high. If you're above 50C then you're cooler sucks!
  4. Hi.

    Your temps are normal for the stock cooler that comes with the CPU, if you want better temps and better overclock get a better cooler.

    55ºC or above is dangerous for me.
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