What should be the usage for 2GB of RAM

i have 2gb of kingston new ram . my last 2gb ram was replaced. so how can i check my ram is working properly. or what should be the usage for a proper 2gb ram
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  1. Did your PC boot and count 2 gig of RAM at start up? (You may not be able to see this if the splash screen is enabled in your BIOS)
    But you can look here for certain and tell:
    Under Control Panel, System Tab, then Computer, does it say 2GB of memory?
    If it does, then you are just fine.
  2. thanks for reply
    ya i have delete my all drives and make them again. i have also count 2038 at startup. my ram subscore is 4.7 and usage is not more than 1100 or average 900. which is low for a 2gb of ram. so plz tell me how can i check my ram is good and have no problem
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