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I am looking to put together a NAS and a Web/Media Server for my home network. I would like it to be small/ULV if possible. The question I have is should I combine these together or make two seperate boxes. For the sake of space/power I am assumeing 1 would be better, but I am new to NAS boxes and am not sure.

I was looking at possibly a VIA C7-D 1.6+ GHz processor on board VIA CN896. This only has 10/100 ethernet and 2xSATA but it has 1 PCI and 1 PCIex16. So I could throw a 10/100/1000 PCI card and a RAID 5 controller in and be able to accomplish all in 1 box.

I would most likely run a flavor of Linux on here, but again I am new to the area, and for NAS configs I see FreeNAS as reccommended a lot, but I dont think that would allow the Web/Media server to run.

Any thoughts or opinions on this?
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  1. Do you need a full pledge Web Server? like Apache, SQL, Perl.... or just html and java-scripts?

    FYI freeNAS offers Web Server, but you have to install other package for php, SQL, perl, ect...
  2. I was looking for a full web server that supports PHP & MySql. Well I could probably muck around and get the packages installed on FreeNAS. Thanks for that heads up.
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