3 Pin mobo to 4 pin cpu cooler fan

I have read and read all about 3 pin to 4 pin but all the discussions have the 3 pin fan connecting to a 4 pin mobo. My situation is just the opposite and I want to make sure I get what I am suppose to get. A8M2N-LA mobo (3 pin mini connector); Cooler Master cooling unit using fans (2) R4-BM9S-28PK-R0
4 pin mini connectors. I will be OCing an Athlon 64 x2 5000 BE to 3.2 maybe 3.3 ghz (hopefully). What must I do to make sure that these fans function as they are suppose to? I have a lot of electronic experience but fairly new to OCing and computer mod. Thanks in advance for any help you can share.
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    It will spin at 100% all the time and mobo can't control speed fan , so if they are not loud then I wouldn't worry. If they are loud then you could either get a fan controller.
  2. Thank you and I appreciate the quick response. I'm trying to make the most of some older equipment until this economy turns and I can afford a more up to date system. Did not want to make a mistake and burn up the cpu. Thanks again.
  3. no problem , it 's work fine
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