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I am kind of helpless at this moment. What I´ve got is the following problem:

- I tried to flash my bios using MSI Live Update, which I thought was safe. But I was wrong. (Please do not flame me about me being wrong and stupid. I actually know that already =))

Now what I've got is the following motherboard:

And I saw on the site of MSI that I wasn't completely screwed:

Now some questions, how do I make a bootable cd-rom disk? As neros bootdisk isn't really bootable. Can I make a bootdisk which can flash my BIOS? If you got the corresponding files that I need please upload them.

Thanks for your reply!
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  1. I would go with a usb drive. I used for my old floppy, but haven't used this website for awhile. They might have a program for usb. If your board still posts, try live update again. You may have to disable the boot block in the bios first, then some security warnings at the top of your screen for the flash program to proceed. Mine always appear as a yellow bar.
  2. Thank you for your reaction. The only thing I got are:

    - one beep (long), two beeps (short), continuesly beeping.

    No screen or whatsoever. Tried using CD (live) but failed =(, any suggestions?
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