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Hiya, Long time reader first time poster :S

I have recently bought a Striker Extreme of ebay and it has been running perfectly for a week. Last night i turn it on after work and the monitors would not turn on. Though i can hear it kick the drives on. I stripped down the pc and started from the start also tested a new gfx card with no joy.

In a random note i only have a 4pin 12v atx connector (is that a big problem?) also the CPU INNT has always showed on the screen at the back.

Cheers for the help!


Scott Mehaffey
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  1. I'm not really familiar with the motherboard, but based on what you've said, are you sure the proper PSU line is powering your mobo?
  2. "New build won't boot" checklist

    Build outside the case with power, beeper, cpu and mobo. Listen for beeps. Keep adding components and listen for beeps.
  3. No beeps, dead motherboard.
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