My Pci express 2.0 ATI HD 4850 in a PCI 1.1 compatible Motherboard?

All i want to know- is my card being bottlenecked by my Motherboard? I if upgrade my mobo, ll i see any performance boost? please give me a sure answer, i have heard no card yet uses Bandwidth that exceeds pci-e 1.1.
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  1. PCI-E 2.0 is backward compatible with 1.1 so you will be fine using a HD 4850 on your motherboard
  2. i know it ll run. but will it run worse than it wud have on a ful 2.0 mobo?
  3. What you have heard is correct - the only cards that even come close to requiring the bandwidth of a 2 are the high-end, dual-GPU setups...
  4. Dear bilbat...i cant express in words how relieved im ryt now...thanks a lot myt.
  5. shohag2018 said:
    i know it ll run. but will it run worse than it wud have on a ful 2.0 mobo?

    Not noticeable really,unless you use dual GPU on very high resolutions,even for that the difference isn't very much
  6. Thanks brother. thanks a lot.
  7. No problem :)
  8. I am having problems with the new Gigabyte GT 240 video card. It is displaying all sorts of weird polygons when I try to play 3d games. The card is a pcie 2.0 card and I have a MSI P35 neo board which supports 1.1. The gigabyte tech support says that it is trying to run the video card in 2.0 and the board can't support it. From what I am hearing it should be backward compatible. What gives?
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