Windows root/system 32/ntoskrnl.exe

Hello, how to reinstall windows root/system 32/ntoskrnl.exe
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  1. Many times this comes up when a drive goes bad, first thing you should look at is if your BIOS had a drive scan utility, and run that. If it reads as bad, replace the drive. The PC vendor may also have a utility to test a disk you can download.

    You can use a Linux boot disk to copy that file over from a working PC (make sure the service pack is the same as yours on the PC you are copying it from). You can get a boot CD here, the 3rd listing on that page tells you how to run it directly off the CD. Boot off that CD on a working PC, copy the ntoskrnl.exe file to a USB drive, boot off the same CD on your system, copy the file onto the computer in the exact spot it needs to be, C:\Windows\System32.

    This may not work to fix the issue though, you may have virus issues, drive issues, some other corrupt files, etc...
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