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Hello community! Let me start by saying this is only my second thread and I already love this forum! Everyone here seems to be very friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and prompt with their replies; so I would like to say thank you for that :)

Any-who..down to business...I'm building a system soon mainly for gaming, graphic design, animation, and novice music production. I was wondering if I should go with the Windows 7 Home Premium x64, or if I should go the extra mile and spend another $100 on Windows 7 Ultimate x64 version. Will I notice a difference, or should I just stick with the Home Premium? Or even meet somewhere in the middle with the Professional version?

Thanks guys :)
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  1. I think this is something you can really only answer yourself. Have a look at the differences between the various editions and ask yourself if you're willing to pay the extra money for the features you get in Pro or Ultimate that aren't in the Home Premium edition.
  2. Klinikal773 Welcome to TH forum,

    Windows 7 Home Premium x64 OEM version will do just fine for what u wan't to do.

    Unless u wan't to have more than 16 GB of RAM get Professional version.
  3. There is no performance difference between the two versions of Win 7, but their are feature differences.
  4. Thanks everyone, these replies have answered my question quite thoroughly. 16 GB is exactly what I was planning on dropping in this thing. And since there are no performance differences between Home Premium, Pro, and Ultimate, I'll be going with Home edition.
  5. Also look for difference on OEM vs Retail versions.
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