Gigabyte ga-ex58-ud3r revision 1.6

I have this Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R revision 1.6 mobo. Mobo is running default settings. However i did flash the bio to version FE, the latest for the revision 1.6 board. Windows 7 Home Premium OS.

The revision 1.6 is said to support Crossfire and SLI. I put in 2 EVGA GTX 260 Core 216(s). The manual, on page 19, says to use 2 bridges whether it's Crossfire or SLI. Is there some jumper that switches the board from Crossfire to SLI, and visa-versa ?

I can't get the SLI to actually work. However, whether i put one or two bridges on, then in nVidia Control Panel when i select SLI, it flashes the monitors a bit, and then comes up and says i'm in SLI. It doesn't ask for a reboot, nor does it turn the 2nd monitor off like my SLI nvidia 7900 rig does. However i reboot and tell nVidia Control Panel to turn the Sli Indicators ON. I got into il-2 sturmovick flight sim, Sli Inidcators show SLI is on and running. The EVGA GTX 260(s) come with EVGA's Precision application ( a re-skinned Riva Tuner i think ) also shows SLI is on using 2 Gpu(s).

But...the frame rates are no different with all things showing me sli is on, than when i also run it with sli off. I've tried reinstalling the world, upgrading the world, including all mobo drivers and bios flashes...nothing seems to make a difference.

I've run everything from driver version 191.07, which comes with Windows 7, up to 195.62, and the SLI patch. All things run the same with sli on or off, or as it's saying on or off.

Ideas at all ?
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  1. Get a plane ticket, and shoot someone at nVidia...
  2. bilbat said:
    Get a plane ticket, and shoot someone at nVidia...

    I'm afraid i might have to
  3. Lemme tell a little nVidia tale here... Buncha years back, I had done a system for a malting plant, that was highly complex, had a couple hundred possible error messages, and was using ODBC and Excel to crank inventory/production data into a remote mainframe; they wanted to set up a serially-encoded paging system, so that, in the off-hours (process ran 24/7 - takes a few days straight of processing to make a batch of malt), were a fault to happen, it could page an off-duty plant manager to alert him to the problem (lots of money invested in each batch); thought 'as long as I'm running Excel most of the time anyway, may as well do the message selection/serial encoding through a VisualBasic program' :sol: ; wrote a code-generator to handle writing the forty or fifty thousand line program to handle it... Spent weeks debugging - thing would freeze up, for no apparent reason :cry: ; set break-points galore, looked at every possible harware scenario - after a hundred hours or so wasted, learned it was a known, but unpublished bug in an nVidia video driver, causing VB in Excel to 'hang'! If I'da had the time, the guy you're looking for would already be dead! :heink:

    Then, to add insult to injury, I got sold on a neat little 'ESA' fan controller/monitor board - 'Enthusiast System Architecture', the latest and greatest OPEN standard, allowing power supplies, MOBOs, fan controllers, what have you, to all monitor themselves and talk together! Well, nVidia's idea of 'open standard' is: works only with nVidia hardware :non: - with an interface available only through (never given) NDA...

    I've always gotten great support from ATI (when they were a little Canadian company) but I choked when they were bought by AMD - yet remains to be seen whether they'll FUBAR it...!!!
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