New System build

so Ive decided to make a new system, and i would like everyone advice here's my list so far

Case -

MotherBoard -

revised to -


VideoCard -

revised to - 2 running in crossfire

Ram - 2 *

HardDrive -

Cpu Cooler -

Im not really sure about the cooler though, im not really sure if it would be ok or even fit into the system

I'm using my existing Power supply which is

and a 500 gb seagate barricuda or a 250 gb seagate barricuda not sure which one ill take out of my current build

anyways i would like to know which i could work on or just replace, i would like to know if my power supply is going to be enough

i will be overclocking the gpu and cpu
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  1. Please see the sticky about asking for new build advice.

    So far, I see some wasted money. I need to know more though.
  2. Ok sorry, Im going to be running vista x64, windows 7 x64 when it comes out, I Use my computer for gaming, 3d modelling
    Music, browsing the internet, but mostly for gaming,

    i have a 24" monitor 1920*1080
  3. Overclocking?
  4. I will most definitely be overclocking it
  5. Ok then, here's how I see it ;)

    The EVGA board has those heatsinks that are a hassle, and you are right about the CPU cooler not fitting. Instead, I would get this
    Asus P6T Deluxe V2

    With the money you save there and elswhere, get a Swiftech water cooling kit:
    Either of those kits would do, but you'll probably need to give them a call and see if someone in Canada is selling.
    I know you can piece together the same thing at NCIX:

    Next up would be the video card. The problem there is poor bang for the buck. A couple 4890s would be faster and save you another 130 loonies.

    Faster RAM for less:
    Gaming only uses 4GB. Are you sure you need 12GB?

    I think your PSU is fine for that build.

    So basically you get a faster system with a better cooling system for around the same price .

    do you have a review handy for 2 of these in cross fire, i cant seem to find one

    and ya im sure about the 12 gb of ram, it seems nice ;)

    also id rather go with air cooling for now

    also it would seem to me that a single 285 would be the better bet then get a second later on and sli it,

    would that not produce the best yield for my dollar or would 2 4890 be better?

    and i was thinking of the asus p6t deluxe v2 but then i read that in does not have an sas controller

    Not really sure what that means have yet to look it up but it seems as though people think its a problem with the board?

    any comments and suggestions welcome
  7. Two stock 4890s are much faster than a GTX 295. The one I linked is faster than stocked, being overclocked.
    Several games benchmarked here:

    Another card that is faster than the GTX 285:

    SAS drives are the newer versions of SCSI. You won't ever use it. When you need a faster drive, you'll just get an SSD.
    Here is an example. It's already outdated tech:

    I figured since you were looking at a thermal electric CPU cooler you were wanting to get the most cooling you could. It also made sense given your MB choice. If you just want air, the best air cooler is this one:
  8. Also ive given some thought to to your suggestion of water cooling my build, would my best bet be to get the kit or to build my own set up

    and if i were to build my own set up what would i need to get for my case in order for my cpu, gpu, and ram to be cooled,

    also is it worth it to water cool the ram with the haf?

    i thank you for your help in building my rig and all your suggestions :D

    here's my water cooling list so far, are these parts compatible and would they work well together, also what else would i need

    Radiator - or

    Pump/resevoir -

    cpu waterblock -

    compression fitting -

    Hose -

    im not sure which waterblock i would use for the 4890? and like i asked before what else would i need
  9. The kit is good, but yes you can do better by building your own. I'm not the expert on this however, and you want to run your water cooling parts by the guys over in the overclocking forum to make sure you have the best setup. I don't think it's valuable to cool the RAM with water.

    I have only seen the Swiftech pumps, some with mods, recommended for 12V systems. There are some AC pumps that are popular as well but I don't like those as they have to be controlled separately. I'm not familiar with the Thermaltake pump/res kit you linked.

    The GPU blocks don't seem to be available:

    All sorts of water cooling info:

    Obviously, you need to give some thought to coolant additive and fans for the radiator. Also, the best way to attach the radiator to the case.
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