Windows 7 Installation Dilemna

Alright, I currently have 2 SATA drives installed in my computer (a 160GB and a 1TB). I'm thinking of buying a SSD that is on sale and was recommended recently to someone else on the boards but here's my dilemna.

I have Win 7 already installed; is there anyway to get around installing a fresh copy of Windows 7 onto the SSD?
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    You mean you don't want to install again but rather move windows on new drive?
    There are tools to move (image, clone, backup) windows to new drive. There free tools as well provided by some hard drive makers or can find on web like
  2. sweet thanks! i'm going to hold off on the SSD purchase but i'll save this info. I've never cloned a drive before but there is a first time for everything :-D
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