Help ram problem

I have a problem with crash in windows 7 64bit

Asus P5KPRO bios (0701) i need to update?
4Gb ram (corsair-buffalo mix)

i have just change the ram 4x2GB KVR 800D2N6/2G of kingston 800MHz Cl6

i need to change settings in the bios(now is all auto) or i need to reinstall all programs

at start pc, the bios recognize 8 Gb in dual channel interleaved mode with no broblem (memtest scan is OK 0 problem)
PC work with firefox no problem; but when i lunch premiere pro, TAK blue screen crash mem

this is a foto when i set in bios; 6-6-6-18 1,8V
stability don't improve.

help me please

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  1. Are you sure your RAM not overloading or anything overheating? I Never heard of anything happens like this B4, Pass Memtest86 and crashes in Adobe... Maybe Adobe got a bug? try to updated Adobe to CS5.5(I think you have to buy it LOL)... Also try to do a Prime95 test to see if it's also your other arts like CPU and stuff but do a blend test...
  2. This could also be an issue with your power supply or video card or almost anything with the info provided in the email.

    Have you tried to run prime 95 or any other test program other then memtest?
  3. Run prime95 if it crashes during testing which at minimum should be 2 hours..then you have a system stability issue...Run smalll fft's for the CPU stability and run blend for full system stability...If you pass all of those stress test then it is a software issue...Which I would just uninstall and reinstall the offending program..It may be a registry issue, you could try running Glary utility which can be downloaded for free..just google glary utilities
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