Ready To Assemble (i7 rig) but Have Couple Questions

Hi, noob here, first build & have a couple easy ones for you seasoned pros. I have an Antec 1200, EVGA X58 Mobo, i7 920, Corsair 850TX PSU and a Zalman 9700 w/adapter:

What gets installed in the case first, the PSU or the mobo? (my guess PSU)

Do I install the i7 and the cooler before placing the Mobo in the case, or try to install chip and cooler after mobo is fastened down?

Do I need to sort out the cabling and get things tucked in nicely BEFORE I screw down the mobo?

I'm using Arctic Silver... how much (and how thick of a bead) do I use? The EVGA mobo instructions say one small pea-sized blop in the center.

The rest I can handle; answers to these will be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!
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    I would recomend you install your HDD (bottom cage) & DVD's in the case first after you have removed all the side panels.
    Next, decide if you are going to install the inside extra cage fan or not... Install or next step....
    Route your case power button/ USB wires through the opening at the top to the back of the case... Repeat the same for the fan wires.
    Next, start on your MOBO.... Install CPU then heatsink using a pea size of themal paste (think size of the end of a pen) then I stall your RAM (all outside of case) Now you are ready to install in the case.
    install the rear I/O panel sheild then place the mobo in the case to see where the mobo mounting screws go on the case. Remove the mobo and install the mounting screws into the case where they lined up with the mobo.
    Install the mobo (remember my comment from your previous thread about this) and screw the mobo in to the case.
    Connect your SATA drive cables & case power button / USB / ESATA to the mobo.
    Install PSU next and hook everthing up... Remember you cable management while doing these steps.
    Last install you GPU's and hook them up

    The rest is yours! :D. (I hope all that made sense to you & answered your questions)
  2. Tecmo! You found me! :D Great answer once again, THANKS. [sending to printer]

    I also found an article on here a few minutes ago:

    OK, I'll have at it. If you hear something go kaboom down near Loveland, you'll know what it is... :D
  3. You are welcome.... The article you found is VERY useful... Even more so than mine.

    Hold on I heard a boom... Everything okay... Oops it was just thunder.... :D.

    Good luck on the build tonight/this weekend!
  4. No, it wasn't thunder, I was just hooking my i7 up to a car battery with jumper cables on the pins to test resistance... ;)

    I'll let you know the outcome! Thanks!
  5. Hey Tecmo! Success! Your suggestions were a huge help, thanks a BUNCH. My only disappointment was when I opened the second GTX260, it had this weird all-black case, not the red along the edge. Turns out it's a slightly older/slower version, but still the 55nm so I'm good. I posted a question about it in the EVGA forums, and got advice on a utility to run, did that, and got my answer. Figures that Dell would send me old stock, but it was only $113 after codes and rebates so I can't complain (and $9 for tax also).

    Installing my Adobe stuff now, hope to get Flight Sim X going soon. BTW, I'm not done with this rig, I still need two 1TB HDs for video files (in RAID). That can wait for now, have to pay off the Mobo.

    Anyway, thanks again!

  6. You are welcome!! Glad I could help & the build went smoothly for you! :D

    If you have issues or questions, just post a new thread here and I'm sure I'll find you or shoot me an email at for direct contact to me. I'll try my best to help out or direct you in the right direction.
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